Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's walk

I went today later than usual--instead of my pre-breakfast wake up walk, I went solo mid-morning while Stefan took Eris to Kinderturnen (a play group at a school gymnasium with tumbling equipment and balls and all sorts of physical play opportunities). It was a glorious day for a walk, sunny and windy. Normally, I am not a big fan of wind, but walking in the woods on a windy, sunny day is something really special. The dappled shade shimmers and moves like the light under water, and the wind rushes and sighs through the treetops while gently cooling the air at ground level. Here are some pictures from my walk, mostly of the tree tunnel.

Stefan called this "The Vortex". It is taken from inside the tree tunnel where there is a washout. I have seen deer crossing here, and I think it is a popular place for the local kids to play in the mud. From this vantage point (and the next couple of pictures), you are looking away from our house towards the fields surrounding the village.

This is a little further up, where the lower walls of the tunnel are full of ferns and greenery. On the left side, behind the trees (out of sight) and even with the top of the earthen wall, is a wheat field. To the right and up is young forest.

You get a feel for how the earth piles up on each side to make a wall. I wonder how long this path has been around.

This is nearly early at the end of the tree tunnel, where the view is fairly unremarkable. This amazing shadow appeared as the sun came free of a cloud. The shadow is cast by one of the very large oaks that dot the path.

This picture is from the other side of the Schuberg, where there is a lovely view overlooking one of the horse farms. From this view I am looking mostly west, towards the lovely town of Ohlstedt Bergstedt, which you can't see because of the trees.

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